Stan Nelson 
H 270 684 5003    C 530 990 3899

Geoff Johnson
415 613 5492


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From Stan Nelson Class of 1965 to Classmates:

With the reunion in the not to distant future I've made contact with a few old friends I have not seen in a long time.  One common thread with every one, besides being a little older is we are Viet Nam vets. It would be a great chance for all vets from our class to share their experience. Hope to hear from any vets interested in this idea. Does anyone remember Pat Koenig? 
He was an Air Force vet I would like to see again.

Stan Nelson also says..... no matter where or when you served, you  are invited from Class of 1965.  For getting together for a day and evening earlier on Friday September 18, 2015 at the Marriott in San Ramon for a Military vets reunion. To date in our class, we have located 34 Military vets, with 6 deceased Military Vets.
Memorial Day post on Facebook: Today and in the recent past, members of the USA active duty military are treated with love and support by almost all members of our USA society. 

It is no longer about the right or wrong politics of the war our military goes to fight or the Military Industrial Complex that retiring President Eisenhower warned us about . 

It is now about supporting our troops when they are in harm's way.

The Vietnam War was not this way. When active duty military people were deployed to Vietnam and / or returned to the USA from Vietnam, they many times were spit on, had blood hurled at them and were subjected to extreme verbal abuse. 

When starting this reunion adventure approximately Feb 20, 2014 and naming it, Westmoor Class of 1965, Survivor's 50 Year Reunion Weekend Event. I was not thinking about the number of Vietnam Vets in our Class who are TRUE SURVIVORS. Until Stan Nelson, a Vietnam Vet, had the idea of a Vietnam and Military Vets reunion from our class, to start a day early at the Marriott in San Ramon, Friday September 18, 2015. 

The response to date from Vietnam Vets or members of the military who served during the time of the Vietnam War has been extremely positive to do the Stan Plan.

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